Occupational Overuse Syndrome – OOS


Occupational Overuse Syndrome has been known by other names such as Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI). These names are synonymous with working conditions that require repetitive work either at a computer or indeed within manufacturing or detailed work requiring fine hand movement. Usually pain is experienced in the forearms and the wrists. Often the work is carried out intensively with little breaks, poorly designed workspace and excessive loading that takes place on the upper body and arms. With the intensity of the work, the arms get overloaded and the tendons may become inflamed in the forearms and the wrists. Also the intensity can overload the neck and shoulder muscles that “carry” the arms. Neck pain or nerve irritation in the neck is often present due to this. This pain may start gradually and increase over time in intensity


The forearms may be inflamed within the tendons and the muscles in this area may be in spasm. This places pressure on the nerves in this area and causes pain. The shoulders, shoulder blades, middle of the back and the neck may all become painful due to the postural overloading in the workplace. Pins and needles in the arms may result and continuous aching can be experienced in the arms.


• We can diagnose the problem and assist you in determining why you have this problem

• We can address your work load, ergonomics and work station

• Looking at your posture and the muscular support that you have to support your spine

• Looking at ways of handling your work load with pertinent exercise programmes of strengthening and stretches to reduce the irritation and assist your posture

• Educate you in prevention strategies as well as management strategies for repetitive work

• Releasing the muscles in spasm with Soft Tissue Therapy and Acupuncture

• Free up the overloaded joints with joint mobilisation and massage.