ACC registered, quality focussed Physiotherapy, the way it was meant to be.

Hands on treatment including:

  1. •Joint mobilisation and manipulation
  2. •Myofascial release
  3. •Soft tissue massage
  4. •Nerve mobilisation techniques

Customised exercise programs

To improve:

  1. •Strength
  2. •Stability
  3. •Flexibility
  4. •Muscle activation patterning
  5. •Proprioception & balance
  6. •Muscle and joint control
  7. •Joint and bone alignment

Recover from injury with knowledge and awareness.

Return to full function sooner.

Prevent re-occurrence!!!


All of our clinics offer expert Acupuncture treatment.

All of our Acupuncturists have completed the 4 year Bachelor Of Health Science (Acupuncture) degrees and are NZ trained.

Our experienced, NZ registered acupuncturists , offer Traditional Acupuncture for the specialised treatment of many health conditions. The also focus on keeping you well and balanced once you get there!

Acupuncture is one branch of Traditional Oriental Medicine. The other branches include Herbal Medicine, Medical Massage & Manipulation (Tuina), Guasha & Cupping, Qi Gong/Tai Chi & Nutrition.

Used together, these therapies are the basis of a very sound and effective natural medicine system – one that has been used for thousands of years in various countries throughout Asia.

Patients often report a general sense of wellbeing after treatment. This is no surprise given that scientific research has shown Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine are able to:

  1. •Improve Immunity
  2. •Improve Performance
  3. •Improve Mood
  4. •Relieve stress

For Musculo-skeletal conditions (sprains / strains, contusions) Acupuncture is often a great treatment of choice as it has been shown to effectively:

  1. •Relieve pain
  2. •Relieve inflammation
  3. •Reduce muscle spasm and tension
  4. •Enhance and optimise recovery from injuries

Our Physiotherapists at BodyZone work alongside our Acupuncturists. If clinically indicated by sound clinical reasoning, we are able to refer patients with musculo-skeletal injuries for Acupuncture assessment / treatment


Have you ever considered “WHY” you have recurrent or ongoing injuries or pain?

This is a specialist service dedicated to the assessment and treatment of the lower limb and foot.

A full comprehensive assessment which includes a structural and biomechanical video analysis, will identify the key factors in your condition. These factors will then be addressed using the latest advancements in lower limb treatment and rehabilitation protocols. This may include where necessary joint moibilisation and manipulation, exercise rehab specific to your condition, myofascial and soft tissue therapy, Custom Orthotics and shoe modification, and specialised acupuncture techniques.

We offer Sports Podiatry and General Podiatry (including all aspects of the care of your feet)


You will develop an understanding the major issues facing your feet and lower limbs. Our Podiatrist will  isolate and addresses the issues in a systematic and progressive programme – one that guarantees results!

East Auckland Branch – Meadowlands Shopping Plaza,   Howick, Auckland

09 535-0006

North Shore Branch – Unit 1 (bottom floor of Gulliers International building) 217-225 Archers Rd, Hillcrest, North Shore, Auckland

09 440-9465

North Shore Branch – Just WorkOut Forrest Hill, 25o Forrest Hill Rd, Forrest Hill ,North Shore, Auckland

09 410-6733