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BodyZone have expert NZ Registered  Podiatrists working from all of our clinics.

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Sports injur- ies – Painful foot conditions – Podiatry for children – Podiatric surgery  

Sports injury rehabilitation – 

ACC registered

At BodyZone Podiatry, if your injury is sustained by way of accident, you can register with ACC  (directly through us – no referral needed). We are ACC registered treatment providers

Working closely with orthopaedic surgeons

All of our Podiatrists work closely with orthopaedic surgeons in their area who specialise in musculoskeletal problems as well as foot, ankle and spinal surgery. We are happy to recommend and provide referrals if necessary.


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Feet and lower leg pain in sports injuries
While performing the simple act of running, your feet are subjected to ground forces up to three times your body weight, hence injuries to feet and the lower leg make up a large proportion of sports injuries.

Most common sports injury complaints
The most common foot related injuries in sport are: arch/heel pain, achilles/calf strains, shin splints and knee pain. These often occur because of an underlying foot, leg, or postural imbalances.

Modify your running techniques and eliminate shin splints
Many people suffer with pain along the shin bone or in the knee region while walking or running. Quite frequently these conditions are due to biomechanical and functional imbalances of the feet and legs. Often the muscles overwork in order to try to stabilize excessive body motion caused by the compensation of bio-postural imbalances or running gait dysfunctions.

How you can use gait analysis in sports injury recovery

Lower limb or foot pain are signs that your running technique may need fine tuning. At Bodyzone we are experts analysing gait, identifying overloading and any imbalances. Assessment of your static stance and dynamic motion will enable us to help you with your fine tuning. Real time video capture will help you understand your imbalances and give you reassurance that your efforts are improving your function and performance.

The right running shoes are essential
It is worth investing in the right running shoe for your foot type and running technique. A comfortable, well fitting shoe with the appropriate level of support, will help to minimise the recurrence or development of foot or lower leg pain. Your BodyZone podiatrist can recommend the right shoe for you and works closely with all Shoe Clinics in the Auckland region.

 Foot pain – a common complaint

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The foot is a very complex structure which is exposed to significant forces during day to day activities. Podiatrists are the medical professionals who diagnose and treat all foot pain and lower limb conditions such as heel pain, arch pain, ball of foot pain, shin pain, knee pain and ankle pain.

Comfort foot care

At BodyZone we care for common skin and nail conditions such as ingrown toenails, fungal toenails, corns, calluses, and verrucae.

Hard skin, callus and corns are not only unsightly and painful, they are a clue to how your feet are functioning and where overload is occurring. Not only can our skilled podiatrists make your feet and nails look and feel amazing, they can also help address the cause of your pain.

Treatment of heel pain

Plantar fasciopathy is by far the most common cause of adult heel pain and is in fact one of the most common ailments seen by our BodyZone podiatrists on a daily basis. It usually shows up as pain on the bottom and or inside part of the heel – the pain is often worse when standing after sleeping or sitting.

There are many causes of pain in the front of the foot

These can be caused by bunions, sesamoid pain, corns and callous, ingrown toenails and nerve entrapment. Other causes of pain in the forefoot ball of your foot or toes can include: stress fractures, arthritis, claw toes, hammer toes, plantar plate disruption  and joint capsule pain.

Podiatric treatment for foot pain

Your BodyZone Podiatrist will help establish the diagnosis and cause, and will develop a treatment plan to reduce the effect of your foot ailment. Our podiatrists have a range of treatment modalities at hand including; palliative foot care, minor surgery, functional taping, orthoses, exercise programmes and foot manipulation therapy to address your foot problems.

The Diabetic and ‘Increased Risk Foot’

Diabetes and other chronic conditions such as arthritis, stroke, and vascular impairment can lead to serious foot problems. Warning signs in feet such as redness, numbness, swelling or non-healing wounds are important indicators of serious disease and need to be treated promptly to prevent major long term problems.

Diabetes the leading cause of lower limb amputation

Diabetes is reaching epidemic proportions and is the leading cause of non-traumatic, lower-limb amputations. You can expect expert podiatric treatment from BodyZone Podiatry

Foot Manipulation Therapy

Foot manipulation is a treatment modality aimed at improving joint range of motion that is causing mechanical malalignment of the foot. It involves physical mobilisation and manipulation of joints, combined with strengthening and stretching exercises by the patient. It is a great supplement to traditional treatments such as orthotic therapy and surgical intervention.


Many parents are worried when their children’s feet point inwards or outwards or appear to have extremely flat arches.

Children who are late walkers or complain of sore legs at night may need extra support provided in their shoes.

BodyZone Podiatrists are specialists in children’s podiatry issues.

Specific foot problems for teenagers

Pre-Adolescents frequently suffer a strain to the growth plate within the heel bone (Sever’s disease). Sore feet will be particularly apparent after sport and may cause your child to limp.

What is Sever’s Disease

Severs is a term used to describe this inflammation and pain in the back of the heel in young people. As there is a growth plate in the back of the heel, overuse or bad bio-mechanics can contribute to an inflammation in the area and subsequent pain.

How can your podiatrist help?

If you are concerned your child has Severs, flat feet, sore legs or another foot problem, see one of our expert Podiatrists to establish a diagnosis and cause, and work out a treatment plan.

Stretching and strengthening exercises and sometimes soft orthotic devices can assist your child relieving their pain and getting them back to full function.


This includes but is not limitted to  managing ingrown toenails and verrucas


Ingrown toenails and verrucas are painful and common conditions that can be resolved permanently by your BodyZone Podiatrist using local anaesthetic and simple surgical techniques with minimal discomfort. If treated early enough these conditions can often be managed conservatively without the need for surgery.

Pre or post-surgery rehabilitation

Foot and lower limb surgery, whether it be bunion, hammer toe, foot, knee, hip or back surgery, can significantly affect the way in which you function. At BodyZone Podiatry we have the technology and expertise to assess your stance, posture, balance and gait and to provide you with a treatment plan to bring you back to your best.