Muscle Imbalance


At BodyZone we see this as a crucial part of our treatment. Treating not just the injury but the cause of it. Most of the conditions and injuries we see, are related to the fact that your body has become weak in an area and strong in another area. This unease in tension can overload a portion of the body putting strain and stress on the area causing injury.


Most of us have sedentary jobs and work sitting all day, not using our abdominals or gluteals. Then we decide to get out and exercise using those same muscles which have not been utilised so consequently are weak and therefore they are unable to the spine and stabilise the lower limbs. These muscles are called our core stabilisers. We sit with our hips and knees bent most of the day, so that the muscles that cross this area are in a shortened position, as are our hamstrings. When we exercise, we are demanding these muscles to be elongated.

If they are shortened they cannot stretch as well and can tear, or make the muscles that work in opposition to them overwork. So if you run and have tight hamstrings, your hamstrings prevent your knee from straightening and the knee straightener muscles – the quadriceps, have to work much harder. This can overload the quadriceps or the knee cap which is embedded in the quadriceps.


Areas which are overloaded may become inflammed. If an area is sore rest will settle it down but as soon as activity recurs the problem will recur as the condition’s “cause” has not been addressed.


• We can assess what structures are tight and overloading areas

• We can also determine which structures are weak and which are strong

• We can assess your core strength that stabilises your spine and body

• We can assist you to use your body properly with correct alignment.

• We can improve your posture, your speed and your agility through your ability to use your body properly