Elbow Pain


• Lateral epicondylitis (Tennis elbow)
• Medial epicondyloitis (Golfer’s elbow)


Tennis elbow originates from the outside or top of the elbow while golfers elbow originates from the inside or bottom of the elbow (less common). Even though these conditions are in different locations they have similar symptoms and are caused by a similar mechanism. The primary cause of these two conditions are by overuse or repetitive movement; e.g. hammering a nail or typing on the computer. The hand grip also plays a role in elbow pain. A poor hand grip while playing tennis (repetitive movement) may lead to tennis elbow as this places extra load on the tendons in the forearm. Similarly in golfer’s poor wrist control when hitting the ball may increase the stress through the tendons on the inside of the elbow resulting in medial pain (golfer’s elbow).


• Pain on the outer part (tennis elbow) or inner part of the elbow (golfer’s elbow)

• Gripping may be painful e.g. opening doors, jars

• May find pouring action (e.g. pouring milk) and/or lifting painful

• Morning stiffness


• A thorough assessment of the joint and its surrounding structures

• We use manual therapy including frictions to the tendons, massage and stretches to help relax the muscles and regain full pain free movement

• We supply forearm braces which help take the load off the tendons which are getting overused

• We give strengthening programs which improve grip strength and aid the healing of the injured tendons

• Education on correct techniques and ways to prevent re-occurrence of the injury

• Acupuncture

• We also have electro-modalities such as ultrasound to aid in the healing process